Gifted and Talented


'Gifted and Talented' is a phrase used to describe children with a high ability in an area of the school's curriculum. 'Gifted' pupils are those with a higher ability in one or more academic subject such as English, maths or science, and the 'talented' are those pupils with a higher ability in sport, music, the visual arts and/or performing arts.


Approximately 10% of our pupils are identified as having a particular gift or talent in one or more areas of the primary school curriculum.


In class, work is differentiated to cater for all levels of ability and all children are challenged to achieve their very best standard of work whatever their starting point.


Identified gifted pupils from each class enjoy additional support in English and maths to stretch and challenge them. Other pupils who may be talented in sports or the arts are also supported to achieve more by, for example, taking part in competitive sports or music days with pupils from other schools.